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During a walk in Tampere a few years ago I caught a couple sealing their love by attaching a lock to the railing of the pedestrian bridge Patosilta across Tammerkoski. The thought that entered my mind when I saw them throwing all the keys into the water was: “What if this love ends? How are they going to open the lock now that all the keys are lying in the water and are being taken by Tammerkoski?” Also I was touched by the intimacy, the togetherness of two people when their love gets sealed by locking it symbolically in one moment...  forever.   On the left of the textile the couple is portrayed intimately, watching the spot where their lock has been put. The next two images of the railing across Tammerkoski with the many locks of lovers are woven with golden and silver acrylic yarn to symbolize the metal of the bridge and the locks. The second scene of the couple shows them watching over the railing into the water in which they have just thrown the keys. On the right of the textile the water of Tammerkoski is shown. The water that takes the rusting keys with it.   Who knows if the lovers are still together, but as years go by the keys will rust and be part of the water as a possible symbol of eternal love or a love dissolved.   EP August 2015 Group exhibitions
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